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Who are we?

INSTITA is a construction partner that, with the help of its experience, management and risk management systems, minimizes the impact of conflicts and risks in construction projects and implements projects so that all processes are efficiently managed and buildings are created to ensure long-term well-being of their residents.

We are proud of the high expertise of our project solutions and we notice and solve challenges, which, in the later stages of the project, would increase implementation costs and cause additional management worries, in advance, by combining our accumulated knowledge with the most modern technological possibilities.

Therefore, from the very beginning, we pay special attention to a detailed audit of the design part of the building and detailed preliminary project planning so that after assessing the possible shortcomings and selecting appropriate technical solutions, not only we avoid additional costs, but also perform all work within the agreed deadlines.

How are we different?

Our unique management system allows us to maintain the full control over all project chains thus managing potential risks on both our and the client's side – we implement not only our own obligations in a timely and high-quality manner, but also enable clients and other third parties involved in the project to work more organized without wasting the resources of any project partner.

Thanks to this system we are able to reallocate the resources easily adapting to new needs or situations, quickly respond to and resolve any issues, and involve customers only when it is unavoidable enabling them to do their most important work without interruption or delay.

In order to achieve all these goals we act guided by the thinking focused on the future of our customers, employees and consumers aimed to substantiate our promises and maintain our commitments even after some time after the end of the project so as not to cause customers or future owners any problems during the warranty period.

That is exactly why we focus not only on the construction result, but also on the quality of the construction process, taking special care in order to ensure that the construction process runs as smoothly as possible, the works are completed on time and that each building we build operates for long time.

Services provided

Construction of water supply and sewage networks
Installation of utility networks without trenches
Building engineering systems
Hydraulic engineering structures
Wastewater treatment plant buildings
Sports buildings
Environmental cleaning works
Excavation and transportation works
Concreting works